Elder Scrolls Online kicks off Pan-Elsweyr Celebration next week


What’s the Pan-Elsweyr Celebration? Well, it’s ZeniMax’s way of smooshing players into the Elsweyr zones in The Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s your way of scooping up gobs of loot and event tickets by complying.

“The Pan-Elsweyr Celebration in-game event begins Thursday, July 22 at 10AM EDT, and will run until August 3 at 10AM EDT,” the studio says. “During this event period, you can receive bonus loot, unique event rewards, and Event Tickets by exploring and adventuring in the regions of Northern and Southern Elsweyr (from the Elsweyr and Dragonhold DLCs, respectively). To get started, simply grab the introductory quest titled A Visit to Elsweyr from the in-game Crown Store or travel directly to the two unique zones.”

Everything from killing dragons and harvesting nodes has a chance to grant players coffers loaded with loot, but of course strategists are going to want to do their dailies for event tickets and by extension the fragments for upgrading your Unstable Morpholith mount.


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I really dont like Cat Land, but I’m leveling an alt, and I like prizes, and I like gold.