Swords of Legends Online touts 200K units sold as Gameforge insists NA server can handle player load

Easy sell.

As we noted previously, the NA server of Swords of Legends Online had something of a rough start as the MMORPG launched here in the west, as technical issues caused lag, login issues, and other problems. Despite that, Gameforge is crowing happily about SOLO’s debut, touting in a statement to MMORPG that it sold 200K copies in its first few days.

“We are very humbled and grateful by the great reception the game has been seeing from media, players, and content creators,” reads part of the statement, which also promises that Gameforge “will continue to work diligently with partners such as Microsoft in order to ensure that we are delivering fun and immersive gaming experiences for our players.”

Further context for the game’s NA server woes was also provided by Gameforge’s Vice President of Products Noemi Feller, who offered a reason for server issues while also promising that the server is now operating fine and can continue to handle the playerbase even as it grows.

“Even though our global playerbase continues to rapidly grow, we have the infrastructure necessary to continue supporting them without any detriment. Additional servers are not a solution and could not have resolved the issues reported for the NA server over this past weekend. The servers are properly equipped to sustain our playerbase, even as it continues to grow. This is verified by the performance of SOLO’s EU servers, which have been running quite smoothly since the launch. The cause was related to network issues that required action from Microsoft.”

Feller further pointed out that lag issues are a separate matter and not something Gameforge can fix immediately, particularly for players in other regions who attempt to connect to the NA server. “While we do not have plans to provide additional servers at the moment, that could possibly change in the future depending on the number of community members that play from said territories,” she says.

Checking in on the game’s official Twitter, we find that both NA and EU servers have undergone maintenance this past Wednesday, July 14th, coming back online early the following morning, though some players in the announcement’s replies indicate that lag problems are still a factor.

sources: MMORPG.com via Reddit, Twitter
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