Swords of Legends Online touts 200K units sold as Gameforge insists NA server can handle player load

Easy sell.

As we noted previously, the NA server of Swords of Legends Online had something of a rough start as the MMORPG launched here in the west, as technical issues caused lag, login issues, and other problems. Despite that, Gameforge is crowing happily about SOLO’s debut, touting in a statement to MMORPG that it sold 200K copies in its first few days.

“We are very humbled and grateful by the great reception the game has been seeing from media, players, and content creators,” reads part of the statement, which also promises that Gameforge “will continue to work diligently with partners such as Microsoft in order to ensure that we are delivering fun and immersive gaming experiences for our players.”

Further context for the game’s NA server woes was also provided by Gameforge’s Vice President of Products Noemi Feller, who offered a reason for server issues while also promising that the server is now operating fine and can continue to handle the playerbase even as it grows.

“Even though our global playerbase continues to rapidly grow, we have the infrastructure necessary to continue supporting them without any detriment. Additional servers are not a solution and could not have resolved the issues reported for the NA server over this past weekend. The servers are properly equipped to sustain our playerbase, even as it continues to grow. This is verified by the performance of SOLO’s EU servers, which have been running quite smoothly since the launch. The cause was related to network issues that required action from Microsoft.”

Feller further pointed out that lag issues are a separate matter and not something Gameforge can fix immediately, particularly for players in other regions who attempt to connect to the NA server. “While we do not have plans to provide additional servers at the moment, that could possibly change in the future depending on the number of community members that play from said territories,” she says.

Checking in on the game’s official Twitter, we find that both NA and EU servers have undergone maintenance this past Wednesday, July 14th, coming back online early the following morning, though some players in the announcement’s replies indicate that lag problems are still a factor.

sources: MMORPG.com via Reddit, Twitter

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Incinerated Ink

My Review from Steam:
“Man oh man. This game is pretty. I was hooked on the sound and the aesthetics alone. Let me repeat, man oh man.
The Good
Sound/Music(Not the voice acting-oh gawd)
I got nothing else.

The Bad
This game has been out for 3 years overseas.
I hope that the localization is what broke it for us, because if people have been playing this for 3 years in this state….
#1. Quests-They are the absolute base line MMO slog from 14 years ago. Literally nothing but kill this, pick this up, talk to this guy. I know that most MMO’s use this crutch, but a lot of them do a fair job of “disguising” your chore. This game does not do that. Typically I don’t mind the quests, there’s loot to be had, materials to gather, etc…the enemies RARELY drop anything other than the quest items. By rarely I mean in 10 hours I’ve had two “loot boxes” drop. They require resources to open. Resources that recharge over time. So I guess it’s a good thing it’s rare to get loot as I would murder someone if I had to wait to open loot dropped from an npc enemy. I had a cooking quest as well where I accidentally “ate” the ingredient. It wasn’t something I could buy at this point, and I couldn’t withdraw from the quest. So every time I was in the vicinity the quest line shows up and won’t let me un-select it….Fun.
#2. And this one is so damn huge for me, the “talk to this guy” aspect. 90% of the time, the NPC just stays invisible for over half of the conversation. I do not have the “Hide NPC” box checked and my ping is in the green at all times. They just don’t render. When they do render they are suffering from dementia because they’ll start yelling at me in english, the midway through their sentence they’ll start yelling at me in chinese. This becomes doubly distracting when the two start overlapping. Like it doesn’t switch between, it just adds the other on top of. But it gets worse. Seldom do the subtitles match what’s actually being said, and if you(like I was) get sick of hearing/seeing different things and want to “skip” through the dialog? If it’s spoken…the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ audio keeps going long after you’ve left the vicinity. It just finishes up the conversation as you fly halfway across the map. Then the worst part is the voice acting is a rigid and “blank face” as watching a elementary school play. It’s really bad. And here’s the kicker….there’s a ton of talking and story. Listen..I’m serious. I’m caught up in Final Fantasy XIV…and the dialog in that game is “quiet” compared to this. Of my 10 hours played I guarantee over 8 of it was dialog.
3. Instances-hey I’m not too far, only 2 instances I can do, but the interface and grouping is atrocious.
4. The UI is not “western player” friendly. You can adjust things, but if you’re localizing it for a certain group….localize it. The keybinds are all over the damn place.
Speaking in the vein of UI. All the damn buttons and menus and “notifications” filling up the screen. This feels like one of those mobile MMO’s where you can barely see the action because of all the little “red dotted” menus you have to click through 80 screens just to get the red dot or flashing notifications to go away and stop being distracting. I think that took up about another hour of my play time-digging down 10 levels to find some random red dot to click on.
I could nitpick the hell out of this game. I love me some MMO’s so it’s saying something when I’m bailing after 10 hours…ESPECIALLY since I paid $40 for this.
In the chat window people are constantly complaining about the severs “lagging” but how in the hell are they looking past all of the other issues. I guess when you’re thirsty for a new MMO you’ll BS yourself into believing anything. I have self respect. I’m angry that I wasted $40, but this game feels like a BETA or Early Access. I’m not going to play anymore right now to try and justify my purchase. My plan, be it a stupid one, is to wait 6 months and pop back in…though by then the population will have dwindled down. Even if this game was F2P I would’ve uninstalled it at this point…it just stings that I actually paid for this experience.”


Resources that recharge over time.

Correct, though unlike other games I’ve played (like BDO) I’ve yet to come anywhere close to running out of that resource. Near as I can tell it refreshes with the daily reset, and you have 1500 of it, and fishing, gathering, and opening those boxes you mentioned cost only 3.


Then why have it?


Tl;dr: I’m having a blast, and not had that much fun for a very long time.

First information, because I needed more than one hour to find out in this so-called smart internet.
You can move with mouse buttons like WOW for example, crucial for me, i “hate” WASD movement.

No problems playing from EU, does behave like all other MMOs I use(d) to play like GW 1 and 2, Lotro, WOW, Rift to name a few.

The bad, more hair colors for free would be nice.
Female chars, fantasy, even given with all of that fluff, look like baby dolls to put it gentle for my taste.
Gender locked costumes, buy something with a male, unlocked for all of your male chars on your account, female chars feel bitter and neglected, and vice-versa.
Translation does need a lot of more love, but don’t overestimate this, it’s fine, but lacks a lot.

You might be astonished to find out your hairstyle and color does change during gameplay, unusual for western MMOs, a new, better piece for your head is responsible for that.
Pressing U, shop, wardrobe pops up and a lot can be modified for appearance or being visible at all.

Leveling to 5, when you get flying, reading every text, watching all cutscenes can take a few hours.
Skipping text with F or left mouse button and cutscenes with ESC, this can be done in 10-15 minutes, reaching the Capitol in 30 minutes and level 10 in an hour.

Level 10 might be magic, because you need that to join a guild, pardon, an alliance.
Level 15 is needed to start your own alliance.
I’m an odd guy, playing MMOs for more than 20 years, and I’m tired of guild drama and small talk. Yes, nice guilds exist, you just have to find one.

But I wanted my own guild, and what needs to be done, needs to be done :)
You have 14 days to find 9 other members to join, otherwise the guild will get liquidated.
One account can have 6 chars, I smell, that you know what happened.
First char, leveled my “main”, male spearmaster to 20, 5 male “alts” to 10.
Mail-Alias, second account, 4 female alts to level 10.
Done and satisfied, but skipping everything with the alts, kind of boring :)

I’m in love with this game and will stay for years to come, but you’ve to like the setting and play style for sure.

Enough wall of text and Ty for reading and have a nice and healthy day, where ever you live and what ever games you like to play!

P.S.: I’m using more than three skills constantly!

Kickstarter Donor

It’s okay, visually it is beautiful and the music is great, the story is typical Chinese fantasy fare..the localization however leaves a lot to be desired and only seems part done thus far. Also some of the VO actors they got, sound more like monotone translators than actors which is irksome.
Combat for It is very consoles/controller oriented in its design with it largely working around three abilities, which was ESO reminiscent in many ways, which wasn’t a good thing combat-wise.
Housing is great, an island all to yourself and you can fly across to other players islands easily to have a nose at what they build.
Character customization is mostly good though oddly hair and eye colors are strangely very limited, which is unusual.

Nemui Byakko

I’m having great time with original (chinese) voices. So good that they included this possibility )

Kickstarter Donor

I haven’t tried that yet, I did look at the option but it wasn’t clear whether it left the English subs or not?

Nemui Byakko

yes, eng subs are still there


It actually got added as an option due to it being a popular request during the closed betas – we originally weren’t going to have any choice but the English voices. Gameforge took that feedback to the OG devs, and they were like “Sure.”

So it’s actually explicitly meant to be for those of us who want the Chinese voices with subtitles.

Kickstarter Donor

Well I’m certainly glad it’s there, I personally definitely would prefer original language with English subs rather than English dubs I’m the same with my anime.

So as long as the subs are decent then Its great news we have that option.


Having a lot of fun playing it casually and slowly making my way through the content. The game needs another translation patch, especially with so many complex menus/features, but the community I’ve found is very chill and the quality of life features/minigames are really dope.

Glad I’ve found a slow burn MMO to enjoy this year!


Right there with you, brother!!