World of Warships brings Dutch cruisers to early access in its recent update


Players of World of Warships now have the opportunity to experience some new Dutch hardware with Update 0.10.6, which introduces a series of fresh Dutch cruisers to early access. This variety of ships is described as hard-hitting, heavily armored, maneuverable, but with a shorter range.

This new line of ships runs between tiers IV through IX and brings unique features like the ability to call in an airstrike to an area. Access to Dutch ships can be earned in-game by completing combat mission groups and collecting Dutch Tokens, which can also be earned in free daily bundles, random bundles for doubloons, and in bundles for community tokens.

On top of the new cruisers, Update 0.10.6 adds two seasons of 3v3 Brawls for Tier Vi and VII ships, AI updates that seek to create more realistic bot behavior, and a Hall of Fame tab for Clan Battles that showcases the winners of previous seasons. More details can be read in the patch notes.

source: press release
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