TennoCon 2021: Waframe introduces cross-platform play, shows off mobile


For five TennoCons, Warframe players have asked about cross-platform play. They want it. They need it. Well, it turns out the sixth time’s the charm! The first big reveal during TennoCon 2021’s TennoLive Broadcast was a double whammy, showing off not only a live demonstration of Warframe on mobile but also cross-platform play.

So which platforms will be cross play compatible? Back at the announcement of the game’s release on Switch at TennoCon 2018, Creative Director Steve Sinclair told us that while it wouldn’t be easy (or possible) for all platforms, he was very interested making it so players could seamlessly move between play on the PC and the Switch. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong: It turns out that after much work, cross-platform play works across all platforms! Players can join up with friends and enter matchmaking no matter which platform they use. And progress is saved across all platforms, so players can leap between the PC, consoles, and Switch (and soon, mobile!). Additionally, all future updates — including the upcoming The New War launch — will be released simultaneously for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Twitch
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