Atlas releases a ‘summer bug smash’ patch that crushes a variety of bugs and adjusts the mortar ship


The pirating sandbox of Atlas is promising some new content on the horizon, but before any of those details are shared, the devs at Grapeshot Games are steamrolling a variety of bugs with its newest patch. Players can look forward to things like more consistent spawning of the ghost ship, the end of the Army of the Damned spawning in buildings, and fixes for islands not spawning resources, tax houses not collecting taxes, and tradewinds not granting appropriate buffs among a variety of other things.

The new patch has also made a few tweaks to the recently added mortar ship, reducing its direct shot damage, moving the ship’s sail placement so they’re not blocking parts of the ship, and reducing its ship points from four to three, allowing players to use medium and small sails. The patch notes have all of the details.

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