Mabinogi adds new Stardust skills, new dungeons, and Shadow Missions in the Stardust update


The newest update to the MMO Mabinogi has some goodies for players who like to achieve new power and take on new challenges. The Stardust update has some titular Stardust skills that players can learn from a new NPC after completing a series of quests. Five new Stardust skills and their supporting effects can be learned in this way.

The new update is also offering up some dungeon content in the form of four new Shadow Missions for the Let Them Fight, All-Out War, Sniper War, and Shadow Realm Champions encounters, with those who successfully clear these new missions earning a chance to obtain two Enchant Scrolls when they open each dungeon’s final chest. Lastly, there are new intermediate dungeons on offer, which can only be accessed with the purchase of an Intermediate Dungeon Pass from an in-game NPC. Clearing these dungeons will also reward Enchant Scrolls.

This new update is just the first part of the Stardust patch, with part two due sometime in August. For now, there are patch notes for this latest half of the update.

source: press release
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