Skyforge’s Xbox version gets a visual upgrade on Series X/S with the latest patch


It’s hard to say a game like Skyforge looks bad from a visual standpoint, but with the launch of the Xbox Series X and S consoles, a lot of games that were released a generation before can now take advantage of the new hardware’s grunt to make things look better. So that’s just what the MMORPG is doing with the latest patch.

Both Series X and S consoles will now offer eye candy like improved shadow quality, an increased draw distance with distant objects rendering in higher quality, and improved animation quality for distant objects. The Series X version of the game will also support 4K and 1080p (Full HD) resolution, while the Series S version will just support 1080p. Boo hoo. The new consoles also have faster load times, meaning your little god or goddess can get into a fight faster than ever before. If you’re an owner of Microsoft’s latest gaming console and play Skyforge, your eyes are now in for some treats.

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