Blizzard further experiments with WoW Classic’s same-faction battlegrounds


Implementing same-faction battlegrounds for some of the wildly unbalanced WoW Classic servers seemed to us to be a no-brainer, but Blizzard isn’t fully happy with how the test runs have progressed thus far. While the studio notes that this change resulted in “drastically lowered queue times,” issues such as premades and Alliance vs. Alliance BGs (on Horde-heavy servers) show that there’s still work to be done on this system.

Thus, Blizzard is further tinkering with same-faction battlegrounds as it continues to test this change. Some of the adjustments include reducing Alliance-only fights, helping solo players to avoid fighting against premade raids, allowing players to specifically sign up for same-faction BGs, and giving the minority faction on a server a reward for participation.

These tweaks are going into place right now for a one-week test run. “We think it’s worth noting upfront that the most impactful part of this test should be the restriction on premades, and we’re going to be highly sensitive to how battleground PvP feels for both players who usually queue up alone and players who would have otherwise formed raids before queueing,” the studio said.


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