Portal Knights studio gets $10M investment to make open-world sandbox


After selling over 3.5 million copies of Portal Knights, what’s indie developer Keen Games going to do next? Make an even bigger game, that’s what.

Keen Games announced that it’s working on a “spiritual successor” to Portal Knights that’s less cartoony and more “grown-up.” This unnamed title is an open world multiplayer sandbox that not only allows players to go on fantastic adventures but build up their own kingdom as well. Currently, the studio is targeting 2023 for this game’s release.

The studio’s able to make this big step forward thanks to a $10 million investment from Hiro Capital and Tencent Supporting. Keen Games said that it’s using some of these funds to hire more developers for its next project.

“We are incredibly excited to start a brand new chapter for Keen Games with the development of our next title and transition to a self-publishing studio,” said CEO Jan Joeckel.

Source: Press release

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ishikawa ren

Tencent ?hmmmm

Vanquesse V

I loved everything about Portal Knights except for the slow movement speed which sadly was a deal-breaker for me.


Portal Knights always needed to be in a large, multiplayer, open world. Throw some sandbox stuff in and you may have a hit.

IronSalamander8 .

I’ve played Portal Knights. I like it and should play it more to be honest. I’d be fine with cartoon style graphics for something like this to be honest. I would like the characters in Portal Knights to look a bit different, but the overall look is pleasing.

This one has me genuinely curious.