Blade and Soul 2 will be getting a South Korean launch this August


Up to this point, the mobile MMO prequel Blade and Soul 2 has only had the nebulous launch date of sometime this year, but a new press release from NCSoft confirms that the South Korean version of the game has moved from a release year to a release month: the month of August, to be precise.

The MMORPG will be playable on mobile as well as Purple, NCSoft’s mobile emulation program for PC users. The game’s website has seen a recent refresh, offering additional details like the game’s three starting races – Jin, Gon, and Lyn – along with a look at several of the starting costumes characters will have in a recent trailer. NCSoft also released a CGI trailer that also offers a taste of a remade version of the Fly into the Sky song; both videos can be found below.

As a refresher, Blade and Soul 2 is the prequel/sequel of the original MMORPG that’s due to arrive to here in the west at some point this year according to a Facebook page posting from December 2020. The game features a number of similarities to the original PC game, though there will not be classes so much as different weapons players can wield that change how they play. Naturally, there will be plenty of foes to use those weapons on, along with a a co-op horde mode that’s unique to the title.

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