Fallout 76 announces Fallout Worlds with (paid) customizable servers


Private customizable servers have been high up on the most-wanted list for a segment of Fallout 76’s community. Now, they’re here. Bethesda announced that it’s started to test Fallout Worlds, a new game mode that lets owners create a custom ruleset and visitors experience that setting.

Some of the ruleset options mentioned for Fallout Worlds include making the difficulty harder, changing housing restrictions, offering infinite ammo, controlling weather effects, and allowing unlimited combat AP.

While only Fallout 1st players can take ownership of a custom world, Bethesda will be posting free “public worlds” on rotation that offer a developer hand-crafted ruleset. It should also be noted that non-subscribers can visit any of the Fallout Worlds without paying.

There’s no word as to whether or not basic text chat functions of guilds are some of the possible customizable options. (But yeah, they’re totally not.)

Source: Fallout 76
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