NCsoft hopes that Aion Classic will lure people back to Aion Prime


With some big new MMO shiny coming along every week this summer, it’s perfectly understandable if you totally lost track that Aion Classic launched a mere month ago. At the very least, NCsoft hasn’t forgotten — because NCsoft very much wants to convert those players to regular Aion.

At least this is the sense that we got from a strange short letter written to the Aion Classic community, in which the company encouraged legacy players to, y’know, see what’s the latest and greatest in the version of the game they’re not currently playing.

“With the release of Aion Classic in the west, thousands of Daevas have been enjoying their return to Atreia,” NCsoft began. “Some adventurers wish to expand their experience to the entire Aion Universe, and for these Daevas we have put together a brief guide on our most recent changes to Aion so that you can glide smoothly back into action!”

That brief mention of “thousands” there is the sum total of released information thus far on Aion Classic’s numbers, which could be a sign that this experiment isn’t going quite as well as NCsoft hoped. If the population is on the low side, it could be the reason why NCsoft is pushing for the conversion.

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They are completely oblivious to why people wanted to get back to Aion classic.

I really don’t get who actually runs these companies. They are so out of touch with gamer mentality, it’s scary.

Thanos K.

Aion classic is a great game. Although i’m from Europe i did level my chanter in the NA servers till 25lvl but then i stopped before the end of the free week.
It was Aion or Swords of legends online but Ncsoft candies made the choice an easy one.


A few weeks back, when they were doing some kind of beta, I downloaded the installer and tried to install the game. I received no fewer than 4 different error messages and could not get the game to install properly or run.

I was, however, able to uninstall the game files and the launcher with success. ;-)

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Ashfyn Ninegold


Lethia Myune

Aion “retail” is the only game that makes me go full rage mode even if it’s not good for my health lmao. Hell i even made peace with Allods and that tells a lot of how chill my old years made me. But Aion..hell it might be the only game that took out HEAPS of content, ruined completely the lore and added nothing instead and called it “progress” Enjoy your grindy, unfair, destroyed gank fest dear NC darling…i ain’t coming back even if YOU payed me.
Anyway classic Aion is indeed a gentle hit into my nostalgia. It contains a little less grind and a bit more unbalanced servers for your enjoyment IF you’re on the winning side. I left pretty fast just like many others so yeah i doubt it’s doing very well. MyAion tells us that the general population might be at peak around 2k people servers combined and dwindling (and 100-200 on legacy servers lmao) Stay away!