New World turns RTX 3090 GPUs into bricks and bans a streamer for milking an in-game cow

2 milk 2 nutritious

And again.

I admit, that headline is going to require a little bit of explanation, so let’s just get right into this odd little batch of New World news. We’ll start off with a very specific problem related to EVGA RTX 3090 graphics cards, which the game is apparently absolutely frying, although as Kotaku notes, it seems to be a hardware issue rather than the game’s fault. The bricking problem appears to be affecting other 3090 GPU users as well, but EVGA versions of the card seem to be the most susceptible. Those with this version of the GPU will probably want to stay away from the game or follow Amazon’s own suggested fixes.

Next, we have the very odd case of a livestreamer getting banned in the game for the crime of… milking a cow in-game. Streamer AnnieFuschia was going through the closed beta motions of the game and decided to get some milk from a nearby cow, which resulted in her getting a bottle of milk and a message stating that she received a “permenant ban” (the game’s misspelling, not ours). The reason? “You have been banned.” Luckily, someone from the game’s dev team was watching the broadcast and the matter was looked in to, and it appears to have been a coincidence, but we prefer the idea that the cow’s milk is too tasty for TV.

Amazon has gone ahead and patched in an FPS cap to prevent the issue.

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