Fallout 76 opens its test servers for Fallout Worlds

In a world of constant radiation

Come with me and you’ll be
In a world of game rule variations
Take a look on the test servers
Into world manipulation
Fallout 76 tests out
All its worlds of full player creation
And official worlds of rule alterations

If you want test the next update,
Simply log right on and do it,
Try some double mutation content,
Want to change the rules?
There’s nothing to it.

So be glad, it’s not bad,
It’s a world of game rule variations.
Jump highly, or build free,
Or be at risk constantly.

Also you should know, S.C.O.R.E. is made
Twice as lucrative this weekend.
Get some challenges done with friends.
Keep on clearing your
Daily Challenges.

In September, the plan
Is to go live with game world variations
But for now, you’ll test free
If that’s where you want to be.

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