Players sound the alarm over faction balance in World of Warcraft: Classic

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Well, World of Warcraft might be struggling right now, but at least everything’s going peachy over on WoW Classic, right? Not so much, really. If the same-faction battlegrounds didn’t tip you off, the game is suffering from a pretty serious problem in the form of a faction imbalance that appears to be getting worse rather than better. The player-run site tracks an imbalance of 45.9% to 54.1% favoring the Horde, but if you remove PvE servers from the equation, it becomes an even more imbalanced 39.7% to 60.3%. And some of the servers are even worse, boasting faction imbalance in the 90% range.

As many people have noted on Reddit, this is a problem that extends throughout the game; even on non-PvP realms having unbalanced servers makes it impossible to find groups, sell items on the auction house, and so forth. What, exactly, can be done to alleviate the faction imbalance is unclear, although horror stories of opening PvP reward boxes as Alliance for a handful of food items suggest that the current approach isn’t working well.

It’s also probably worth reminding everyone that Blizzard itself has just been sued by the state of California over its pervasive culture of sexual harassment and discrimination, so maybe this isn’t the biggest problem of the hour.

Source:, Reddit; thanks to Davy for the tip!

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5 months ago

The Horde is just more interesting; from characters, to races, lore, and aesthetics. Plus, no one wants to be the good guy. If you can even call this a problem, I don’t know how you fix it. From a mechanical standpoint there isn’t really much of a difference since the classes are all the same. How do you make people more interested in something that you can’t change (where it matters)?

5 months ago
Reply to  AGx-07_162

Not true at all. Horde is generally favored because they have the better pvp racials.

Sjoer van der Ploeg
5 months ago

If only they fixed battlegrounds like AV and the many other advantages the horde has in battlegrounds…

A bag and some same faction mockery isn’t going to solve that.

Dani Reasor
Dani Reasor
5 months ago

I thought players wanted it to be just like it used to be…

Douglas Lawson
5 months ago

And 30% of that 54.1% are Blood Elves :D

5 months ago

There is an easy solution: just remove forced limitations between factions. Allow people from both factions to understand each other’s text in chat, allow people from both factions to sell stuff on every auction, allow people from both factions to group up with each other for every quest and dungeon. And on PvP servers, allow players from same faction to attack each other in contested areas.

I know what someone might reply with: “it would go against the spirit of Classic which is supposed to present the game as it was many years ago”, but this is irrelevant to most players if they are not having fun due to faction imbalance and restrictions and player fun should always be above everything else, including stuff like “lore” or “original player experience in original version of game”. Just because it’s a “Classic” version doesn’t mean it MUST have all drawbacks and flaws of original version of game, especially if it causes players to make game less fun and unsubscribe from it.

Bruno Brito
5 months ago
Reply to  Rndomuser

It’s a good start, but it doesn’t solve the heavy race disparity. TBC is a flood of Blood Elves and Wrath PvP is full Human while PvE is full Orc/Troll dps, Tauren tanks.

5 months ago

This is why i play on PVE realms that heavily favour my faction. PVP is irrelevant in my world.

5 months ago
Reply to  Loopy

Yep. 90% faction imbalance sounds downright pleasing for me.

Disclaimer: I never liked the factions system in WoW. I would have enjoyed the game better if there was no artificial barrier preventing me from interacting with so many other players.

5 months ago

The Horde is just a fundamentally better faction in TBC for a variety of reasons, and today’s Classic playerbase is far more invested in min/maxing than they were in 2007. People were saying long before Classic TBC released that faction balance would get much worse, and that is exactly what has happened. It’s a well known problem from TBC private servers.

The fact that it’s Classic makes addressing this a unique problem – the entire point of the product is to recreate this older and less balanced version of the game.

5 months ago

Us Alliance are all playing FF XIV now have fun Horde.

Bruno Brito
5 months ago

I’ll just say, the more their games suffer, the better i feel.

And really, considering Blizzard seems wholly incompetent to fix their issues, that’s the one light at the end of this shit-ridden tunnel.

At least i’ll see this garbage corporation get driven into the earth. Maybe we can salt it later.

Scott McCulloch
5 months ago

I do remember private server players saying this would happen. Not so easy to come up with solutions though..

Bruno Brito
5 months ago

Pservers had several “solutions” for this problem. None of them really worked.

– Cheaper or free mount for Ally.
– Restricting character creation ( people just don’t play or switch servers ).
– Increasing honor gains.
– Item gifts.

None of these are enough to make people reroll when their faction will have way better chance at off-peak queues and premades. It’s the same reason why 90% of the PvPers go Human on Wrath. It’s irrelevant how much material gain you give them, when WoW is not that complicated to make money anyway, and EMFH gives you a free DPS trinket slot, which is MANDATORY against other Humans.