Players sound the alarm over faction balance in World of Warcraft: Classic

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Well, World of Warcraft might be struggling right now, but at least everything’s going peachy over on WoW Classic, right? Not so much, really. If the same-faction battlegrounds didn’t tip you off, the game is suffering from a pretty serious problem in the form of a faction imbalance that appears to be getting worse rather than better. The player-run site tracks an imbalance of 45.9% to 54.1% favoring the Horde, but if you remove PvE servers from the equation, it becomes an even more imbalanced 39.7% to 60.3%. And some of the servers are even worse, boasting faction imbalance in the 90% range.

As many people have noted on Reddit, this is a problem that extends throughout the game; even on non-PvP realms having unbalanced servers makes it impossible to find groups, sell items on the auction house, and so forth. What, exactly, can be done to alleviate the faction imbalance is unclear, although horror stories of opening PvP reward boxes as Alliance for a handful of food items suggest that the current approach isn’t working well.

It’s also probably worth reminding everyone that Blizzard itself has just been sued by the state of California over its pervasive culture of sexual harassment and discrimination, so maybe this isn’t the biggest problem of the hour.

Source:, Reddit; thanks to Davy for the tip!
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