Lost Ark KR offers a preview video of the Abrelshud raid ahead of its July 28 launch


We’re appreciative that Lost Ark is headed to our side of the globe, and we’re not going to look the gift horse of the class previews in the mouth, but we also have to admit that the stuff Korean players of the game are getting is a whole lot more intriguing. For example, take this trailer for the upcoming Abrelshud raid, which is set to release to the Korean version of the MMOARPG on Wednesday, July 28th.

The trailer takes about a minute and a half to get to the good stuff, admittedly, but the good stuff looks really good, with some extremely interesting looking fight mechanics and a threatening main boss who is doubtlessly tossing all sorts of boasts and barbs at viewers. If the reaction on Reddit is any guide, many fans are excited for this new raid, including Korean players; one reply to the thread even noted that the game’s director “wants this raid to make MMO history.” Feel free to take a look at what all the hubbub is about in the trailer below.

source: YouTube via Reddit
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