Old School RuneScape talks about combat achievements, RuneScape announces the Nodon Front


Chasing achievements is a thing that many gamers seem to love, so players of Old School RuneScape who are cut from the same cloth were likely looking forward to the addition of combat achievements this past Wednesday, which introduced six tiers of achievement carrots to chase related to combat.

Apparently, the update needs a bit of tweaking, as Jagex has penned a lengthy dev blog about player feedback and planned adjustments. Some points of note include a desire to wait until the dust settles from the feature’s initial launch before considering ramping up rewards for more challenging achievements, plans to adjust some of the difficulty of certain tasks, and plans to change a few of the requirements for some of the lower tier tasks.

Meanwhile, in recent RuneScape news, the new Elder Gods Wars dungeon, the Nodon Front, has been officially unveiled. This new content is noted as the first stage of the story’s dungeon, which will unfold additional fronts over the course of 2021. The Nodon Front will have players contending with the enslaved Kerapac, an army of siege weapon-wielding Dragonkin, and high-end Slayer mobs for the promise of “legendary” rewards like a Codex for an upgraded Concentrated Blast spell and a tier 95 staff. It all arrives on Monday, July 26th, but players can get a look at what’s to come in the trailer below.

As for this week’s news, Mac players on Steam can now play RuneScape on their chosen platform, there’s some new Steam DLC available for purchase, and this week’s patch features changes to Davendale, the mobile version, and various other fixes.

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