MapleStory’s second part of Neo: Light’s Wrath adds a new boss and a new quest line


The second part of the Neo: Light’s Wrath content that marks MapleStory’s summer is now officially live and it has… a hotel that’s springing up out of the desert? This game’s storylines are kind of all over the place, so that tracks, actually.

This newly-arrived Hotel Arcus zone is one of the update’s headline features, with a series of new quests for characters that are level 270 and above. The update also promises a boss fight against Seren, a challenge meant for level 265 characters as he apparently has become a god incarnate. So that’s fun. Rewards for these new pieces of content include a new Sacred Symbol at the end of the Hotel Arcus quest line and a Mitra’s Rage stat-boosting emblem awaiting at the end of the Seren fight.

The update has also added some new Neo Burning events, a host of Neo Castle events, and the pending return of the Double Miracle Time event, which players can register for. All of those details are waiting in the latest patch notes.

sources: press release, official site
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