Destiny 2 will eliminate the armor transmog bounty currency starting in Season 15


The armor transmog system of Destiny 2 – you know, the one that was widely unpopular – is going to see an adjustment with the arrival of Season 15. Bungie’s weekly newsletter confirms that the Synthstrand currency, which is passively earned and is currently required to purchase the bounties needed for armor synthesis, will be retired in the next season.

Players will instead be able to purchase their synthesis bounties for 10,000 Glimmer a piece from Ada. Bear in mind the 10 Synthwave tokens per class per season limitation is still in place, but the change should hopefully see players get those tokens sooner according to the post.

The rest of the newsletter is a bit more general, with details on Bungie Store updates, an announcement of double rewards for Nightfalls starting next week, and the usual collection of player-made content highlights.


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Or they could have just done it like:

Open menu > click on piece of gear > select appearance from saved, unlocked appearances > click transmog

Instead of being annoying about it


Never really bugged me but sure. Not exactly like most of the original armor wasn’t garbage, and earn enough to easily do new seasonal gear if you want. Just means you can cycle out the bad ones now.