EverQuest II ushers in Tinkerfest 2021, EverQuest releases new Overseer packs


Summer is never dull in Norrath, and no matter what MMO you pick, there’s something happening.

Over in EverQuest II, Norrath is in the grips of Tinkerfest 2021. Raging until August 5th, Tinkerfest offers four hubs of Gnome-related activities. Daybreak added some new merchant items and Overseer quests and agents for the event.

“There are a ton of new Overseer quests as well as tradeskill and merchant items being added for 2021,” the studio said. “You’ll need a keen eye and a good pair of gloves to protect your hands from all the tinkering you’ll be doing, but the list stretches from here to the moon!”

With EverQuest, Daybreak is selling a new round of Overseer agent packs, with a selection between a Fighter pack, Worker pack, and Traveler pack. There are also new agents and quests for this popular system, such as a Black Dire wolf, Kaladim Brewmaster, and Weapons Trader.


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Ardra Diva

At this point there are probably some folks who ever played EverQuest1/2, but love MMOs. This is one of the things people love about the game. I’m counting 22 playable races here… And this is also why we pine for a new version with updated graphics. It’s really, really cool having this option to play so many races.
edit: also it maps your face to your avatar using a webcam, SOEmote, so your character has facial expressions and emotes read from your own facial expressions. :-)
very cool, Kanye.

Sarah Cushaway


But really, there were plans YEARS ago to bring updated graphics/engine (not just shitty SOGA models) to EQ2, but it got scrapped as revenue continued to dwindle.

I was so hyped for EQ:N and then that got scrapped too.

There was a lot of very cool things about EQ2, especially in the early days, that got buried under years and years of neglect and bloat.

Sarah Cushaway

This poor neglected game.

If SOE and Daybreak would have just handled this title better, it would be in a much healthier state right now.

And I doubt we’ll ever see another Everquest game, though it’d be a great damned time for a new EQ MMO :(