PSA: Square-Enix is reprinting the Final Fantasy XIV lore books once again, and they’re up for pre-order

You must needs prepare to part with quite a bit of money

Stored knowledge.

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XIV and want more of the lore behind this game, the Encyclopaedia Eorzea volumes one and two are invaluable pieces of your collection. They’re hardcover, handsomely bound, full of lore facts, cleverly written, stuffed with lovely art… and largely inaccessible, because they sold through their print runs in about seven seconds and haven’t been reprinted yet. So it’s good news that pre-orders for another print run are up right now on the official Square-Enix store.

Both lore books are well worth a purchase for fans of the game, serving as a summary of story, providing otherwise inaccessible lore regarding races, languages, and even dungeon denizens, and sharing bits of information collected in one place as well as lore that is otherwise inaccessible. It’s a fine purchase for any fan of the game who has more than a cursory interest in the lore; you can check out our review of the first volume for more detail.

Source: Reddit

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I hope it’s not limited print, i’m sure many people like me want to buy these books but they may not be able to do that in the near future, or at least offer more reprints in the coming months.

Just few weeks ago i thought i should not buy more books and now this! 😅

Nosy Gamer

One little fact you might want to point out is the books won’t be ready for shipping until April of next year.

I have Volume 2, and just pre-ordered Volume 1. I wasn’t about to spend $249 on Amazon for the book.

Danny Smith

I got these the minute both came out and have some very jelly friends who are going to love this news.

Until they sell out in a couple of hours again.


Wow, thanks for the heads up. My kids will be ecstatic and to be fair, I am too!