The Daily Grind: Which Kickstarter MMOs do you actually still want when they launch?


Not long after Crowfall launched, I had a fun chat with MOP reader Brandon, who mentioned that one of his friends was an early backer of the game but had bailed and passed along his account loot to him. The conversation echoed something I have said on our podcast: that people need to be allowed to change their minds on MMOs. We need to normalize it!

When Crowfall hit the crowdfunding scene back in 2015, the genre was different, the games available were different, the games on the way were different, and we were all different. Heck, Crowfall itself is very different from the game that was originally pitched. But even if the game launches exactly as pitched, I just don’t think it’s unjust to have changed your mind, to have wanted something a whole lot in 2015 but not that much in 2021. Six years is a lot. I had a newborn when Crowfall went to Kickstarter; now that baby is old enough to play games with me.

Of course, that also means that years from now, you might change your mind again.

Which Kickstarter MMOs do you actually still want when they launch?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Squadron 42 to see if I’ll still have the reflexes to play the MMO, time isn’t on my side these days.

As mentioned in the story, although a CU KSer backer not sure I care much anymore for it’s style of gameplay so I might just pass it on to my son if he’s interested.

Ashes maybe, but it still seems like a trap for some reason, dunno why.

Not much else really.


Pantheon – tbh its been the only one where the initial premise was what I’ve been looking for in a new game since Vanguard shut down.

I do think what we’re seeing increasingly and as mentioned below that kickstarter / crowdfunding is a terrible way to develop games. Its easy to sell a ‘concept’ but then people all place their own interpretation on the concept and then spend the next 5 years posting something along the lines of “but you said in a passing comment on dd/mm/yyyy that your game would have ……….”.

Its also highlighted that having the pressure from the publisher to get the game launched is not always a bad thing as so many of these projects have drifted way beyond their initial timescales, suffering from feature creep and lack of dev focus as they try to keep everyone happy.

Bryan Cole

Pantheon and Ashes for sure. Maybe the 2 super hero ones if we could see more polish and actual gameplay and world exploration.


I know I’ll be cast as the die-hard optimist (IE – That this came will actually launch with a v 1.0 retail version), But:

Star Citizen

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Ken from Chicago

It’s okay. One’s view of STAR CITIZEN needed be merely a binary choice. There are more nuanced perspective–as shown on the Wheel of Morality! 👀👍🤣

(Personally, I’d categorize my self as one of the “Believers” slot, confident in the project but not blind to the mistakes, and there have been more than a few, and willing to call out said mistakes, in the hopes they do better.)

wheel of morality.jpg
Oleg Chebeneev

Thats cool. Never saw this one.
I found myself in “hopeful” category.


If I cared about it more, I’d be at the very low end of “Doubtful.” I couldn’t drop down into the Heretics category though, because I never thought it was going to succeed “as described” and I’ve never participated in any of the official discourse. (I also have exactly $0 invested in it.)


Ashes of Creation perhaps, don’t really care either way as I only pay for finished products; Crown Funding feels like gambling in slow motion.


Imagine kickstarting an mmo knowing full well the gigantic list of video games that didn’t live up to expectations despite being internally funded…


Camelot Unchained

It remains the only MMORPG that I’m actually looking forwards to, and whilst the wait has been long and irritating, it’s the end result that matters.

Mark Jacobs and team are literally the only studio out there attempting to make use of the defining feature of the genre: being massively multiplayer. They’ve had to create their own engine to ensure the game can handle being massively multiplayer, then they’ve been inventing new systems and gameplay so that the massively multiplayer capabilities can be used in a fun way.

Beyond that, I believe CU is going to be the first MMORPG designed around horizontal progression from day 1. I’ve been crying out for horizontal progression for many years now, so how could I not support the first game to attempt it?!?!?

Malcolm Swoboda

Book of Travels, I’m interested. Didn’t back, but interested. Less so after some news about its gameplay, but still.


I never backed anything on Kickstarter. In a general “it’s nothing to do with me” sort of way I hope most of them turn into real games. I have bought a number of games in Early Access on Steam – some turned out okay, some changed direction during development or otherwise turned out to be “not really what I thought they were.” A fair number were abandoned, including a couple by supposedly “big name” developers like DoubleFine. I’ve been happy with a couple, “meh” about several, and deeply disappointed in a couple.

I expect Kickstarter is the same thing, but with the opportunity to be deeply disappointed for up to hundreds of dollars at a time, instead of “buy the game early on Steam for a discount!”

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Pantheon and Book of Travels. That said, I wish them all to be successfull. Feel we kinda need it.