The Wagadu Chronicles takes followers on a visual tour of the Emere people’s village buildings


The devs of the afrofantasy MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles would like to take fans on a little trip through the rainforest and the villages of the Emere people by way of a Twitter thread, which shows off several pieces of concept art and outlines the function and design inspirations of several of the in-game culture’s buildings.

As one would expect from a people that live in and revere nature, Emere buildings integrate the rainforest in much of their structures. Many of the building designs are based on African cultural traditions and pre-colonial African technology, such as inventive furnaces in the crafting hall, storage baskets hung on trees to protect from pests and wildlife, and grouped housing compounds. On the subject of housing, the thread points out that in-game housing will be built around social groups instead of individuals, though there will be some “gameplay peculiarities.”

It’s an art-filled tour of one of Wagadu’s more unique groups, making it worth a peek for fans of the upcoming title.

source: Twitter

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I like their theme and generally we need more games that take on different themes and offer wide representation. LOTR/Dungeon & Dragons inspired design is the most common in the gaming and isnt bad but we really need variety.

As for the game in specific I love the art and everything but they do seem undecided on where they will take the gameplay to. If its mainly a PVP game, prob will not be for me, but if its a holistic game with acceptable PVP frequency(aka no gankbox) sure will do.


I love the art, I just have no idea how it is actually going to look in game. The bits of character models I’ve seen have been very nice. Especially the diverse body types.


I would really like to see this get made. I’m just not into the open-world PVP stuff


I really dig the style. Curious to see how the development moves along.