Aether Story melds ‘glory days’ of classic JRPGs with the modern MMO


Two tastes that go good together: Peanut butter and chocolate. Strawberry and kiwi. Vanilla Ice and Ninja Turtles. And old school-style Japanese RPGs and… MMOs?

If you’ve ever imagined what an MMO would look like if Final Fantasy III was taken into an online format, then you might be in the vicinity of Aether Story, a promising new MMO from Phanxgames that mixes the past and present together for an interesting result.

Aether Story is my nostalgic MMO from the glory days of classic 2-D JRPGs,” said the developer. “I believe that the creative blending of what appears to be the standard JRPG turn-based combat is actually mechanically more like real-time MMO combat.”

Tentatively coming next spring, Aether Story is decently along in development and offers an alpha build that you can try to sate your curiosity. You can also wishlist it on Steam.

Source: Reddit, Steam, Aether Story. Thanks Protobear!

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The game is pretty interesting, if you’ve ever wondered about game development the developer often streams the process. From level design to coding streams, it’s worth checking out for that in my opinion.