Elite Dangerous details issue tracker work, Update 6 features, and four-player multicrew in July update post


Elite: Dangerous continues to try and do right by its fans with the next monthly roundup of its promised series of posts updating players on what’s being done to correct the PC version of the Odyssey expansion.

In the July update bulletin, Frontier Developments first starts off with some issue tracker items that are being addressed in the expansion’s sixth update, including further lighting fixes, better terrain textures, improved FPS performance, and some specific fixes for things like retrieval from crash site POIs disappearing or cargo canisters getting stuck in the Megaship.

On the subject of Update 6 features, the devs showcased a variety of things coming in the next PC update including new planetary surfaces including dirty ice worlds; a host of planetary surface improvements all around that promise better surface texture detail, improved Ice materials, increased volcanism, improved lighting, and the integration of new AMD technology FSR; improvements to the camera suite that eliminate a variety of “blackout spots” that prevented certain camera angles from being used; and the addition of rocket launcher-wielding troops in military installations.

Future updates in the works include four-player multicrew functionality for several ships, new Odyssey Engineers in Colonia, an increase in stored module capacity and bookmarks, balancing for air defense turrets on conflict zones, the ability for those riding an Apex space taxi to redirect their ride mid-flight, and an extension of mission features that “aim to increase mission diversity and also create stronger links between the in-cockpit and on foot game.”

source: official forums, thanks to Stuart and Eggbert for the tip!
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