Elyon locks in on a September 29 launch date


Kakao’s steampunk fantasy MMO Elyon, formerly Ascent Infinite Air, finally has set a date for you and it to get much better acquainted. On September 29th, Elyon is scheduled to splash down in the west — and sink or swim.

However, there’s an easy way to get into the game before the 29th, thanks to a head start program that’s tied to pre-orders. The base game, which can be secured for $30, includes a 24-hour head start. Grabbing one of the two optional additional packages (which are priced at $30 and $40) will grant a 48-hour start, while getting both packages gets you into the game three days prior to launch.

The pre-order tiers also include early character creation, access to Elyon’s closed beta test, and a knight cat pet. Because we all know that cats really loved to be encased in restrictive metal outfits. The second CBT is slated to run from August 18th through the 23rd.

Source: Elyon

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Get your wallets ready and set a timer for them going back on their monetization promises, it’s almost time for another cowcow title gamers!

Simon Gördén

The game is dead in Korea and so will it be in NA/EU after the intial hype, if there even is one now with new world and the most popular mmo in Korea launching soon, Lost ark.