Perfect World Revolution is available for everyone to play now with one hand

She's thinking about sandwiches.

You want to play an MMORPG of some kind, any kind, but you also have a delicious sandwich to eat. What can you do about this situation? Until very recently, you’d have to accept that modern technology had failed you by either eating the sandwich or playing the game. But Perfect World Revolution has finally addressed this inequity by providing you with a game that can be played with one hand, thereby freeing your other hand to bring a delicious sandwich up and stuff it inside of your gaping food-maw.

Obviously, there are other things you could do with one hand free while playing. You could also pet a cat, or hold a rake while standing in your yard, or you could get a second phone and stand there playing two copies of the game at the same time with both hands. But the important thing – according to the marketing and the promotions, anyhow – is that you can play Perfect World Revolution with one hand on either iOS or Android devices. In the end, isn’t that all you ever really wanted from a mobile MMO?

Source: Facebook

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