Amazon addresses New World crashes, stability, and approach to exploits post-launch


Amazon Games has penned a letter for New World testers addressing the state of the game and its impending fixes.

“[W]e created several test builds over the weekend and discovered the problem with the help of a few servers, so as of Monday morning Pacific Time, we have the entire service running with that updated, much more stable code,” Amazon’s Scot Lane says. “We know there are more rare crashes that can still occur, and we’re working on those as well.”

“Our highest priority has been server stability and world availability due to the demand we’ve experienced thus far. As we are starting to get more comfortable in regards to stability and availability, we are now able to pivot and focus on addressing bugs and exploits that have surfaced in Closed Beta. We have a large number of game fixes coming in – several of which address exploits that are being used currently. We knew there would be some of these and it’s our goal to address them during the beta – we are working to fix the ones that have surfaced. After launch, our process approaching exploits will be different – they will be the highest priority items to fix and we will be taking action against accounts that are caught using identified exploits. This will include rollback or removal of any gain from those who exploited or benefited from utilizing them. We understand how vital it is to have a level playing field for all players within New World.”

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