Crowfall begins testing The Shadow update, plans capacity testing tonight


Can you believe Crowfall’s been live for three weeks now? It has, and ArtCraft is back with another weekly blog – and a tease for the upcoming patch.

“Our next major gameplay update, The Shadow, moved to public testing on the Test Server last week featuring a first look at The Shadow (home to our 3-faction PvP game worlds) along with our new larger Dregs map, requested by several of the guilds playing in the current Dregs,” Gordon Walton says. “If you log in to the Test Server you can also check out the significant changes to the Assassin and Duelist classes, as well as refinements made to a few other classes. Plus, hundreds of bug fixes and polish items too. […] We’ll have some news soon about improved balance of sieges within our zone cap, and several other issues we know are of interest to you.”

Shadow campaigns will kick off in all regions in July – those are the three-way PvP modes. “We will also introduce our new larger Dregs campaign in our US East server region for our worldwide veteran players that have been asking for bigger maps,” the studio explains. “As we need more capacity we’ll start more Dregs and Shadow campaigns.”

Finally, ArtCraft is inviting players to come kill them tonight at 7 p.m. EDT – in the game, of course.

“We have a ‘come kill the dev team’ event coming up this Thursday evening, at 6 -7 PM CDT (1 AM – 2 AM CEST). The real purpose of this event is to get enough people on the Test server to test the performance of a 250 person zone limit (the cap is 200 currently on Live). Humiliating our team by taking our Keep away on the playtest server is just a bonus (unless we win of course!).”


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The game needs a touch up on various points… make it Fun(tm) essentially. And then maybe even more fun.

Only then should they sponsor Twitch/Youtube streams, bring in the big streamers. Propel its marketing efforts.


A larger Dregs campaign map is going to be huge for game play. Right now there’s just so many people on US East Dregs that the whole thing feels like you’re packed in a sardine can. It’s great for killing and PvP but terrible for the rest of game play. Our zone right now has at least 10 gankers roaming around here at 8:30am PST kinda thing (not a complaint). Sieges are stifled because everyone can easily pack themselves into a single zone they control and zone cap it preventing any real battle from taking place. The few keeps we have taken were only due to trickery and subterfuge in misleading the enemy where we were. Hopefully larger number of zones means guilds will spread out more and things will become more vulnerable as they try to defend more territory.

What’s disappointing is increasing the zone cap to 250. This will not really address anything. Most of the major alliances are stacked hundreds deep as is and can shove 150-200 into a zone. All it does is favor those mega alliances. They need to implement a handshake style system for keep sieges that increases in cost the more keeps you already have.