Dual Universe explains changes coming to weapons and structures for PvP balance

ships asplode

Are you still making everything out of gold in Dual Universe? You might want to stop when the game’s next update arrives for the alpha, as changes to balancing will make gold honeycombs still have the highest HP but come at a serious price in sheer mass to hopefully make other choices more viable. This is in addition to shields, which will provide an extra buffer of health in combat but can be depleted to damage the underlying construct.

To continue the balance changes, smaller weapons are seeing a significant DPS jump to bring them more in line with larger weapons. In addition, tracking ability has been decreased on all weaponry to improve the viability of smaller ships evading fire instead of being easily tracked by opposing armaments. It’s a lot of tweaks to combat balance and how the game handles constructs of various size and durability; check out the full development dispatch for more details on how the changes are meant to shake down.

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