Fallout 76 outlines a fix-filled patch for August 3, announces another Gold Rush weekend, and shares radio plays


While many players of Fallout 76 are understandably looking toward the Fallout Worlds custom server feature, there are other things to look forward to in the West Virginian wasteland of the game, all of which is outlined in the latest Inside the Vault news bulletin.

Top of the list is a smaller update arriving on Tuesday, August 3rd, which is described as “smaller in scope than those that include new features or content” but will apply fixes for a variety of player reported bugs as well as new cosmetics in the Atomic Shop. Further details will be shared via patch notes, which will be shared during maintenance. In the meantime, there’s another Gold Rush Weekend event that kicked off earlier today running until Monday, August 2nd, so those who have been saving up their Treasury Notes will want to cash in.

Finally, the post shares a three-part radio play featuring the intrepid K.D. Inkwell in her Escape from the 42nd Century, which follows the theme of the current Season 5 SCORE Board. If you love some retro-futurist radio drama, you can check out the three embeds after the break.


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If it means finally figuring out how to address the duping issue so that 90% of servers aren’t fairly consistently crashing/locking your character up for a while, good.

Apparently they were giving out 3 day bans for that shit which is weak, because it’s been making the game a nightmare to try and play for a month+ and seems to be getting worse and worse. If they don’t take actually serious action against dupers ruining the game for others then they’re just gonna keep duping each time a new dupe exploit is discovered or an old one starts working again.

Vanquesse V

AFAIK they fixed the most recent duping exploit (that also was the reason servers have been garbage since the last major update) 2 days ago.
Reading their statement on discord it sounds like the dupe was something you could stumble into without knowing so perhaps some people only got 3 day bans if they only did it once or twice, but they do mention handing out permabans for these dupes.
Next major patch will remove most of the power from hacked weapons as well. After that we just need them to remove all legacy weapons but that I’m not holding my breath for.