Finnish sci-fi MMO Starbase has entered early access alpha on Steam


“The long wait is over and early access is here!” Starbase developer Frozenbyte declares this morning, and the studio is not kidding. The MMO-ish space game was announced in 2019 and set to hit early access the same year, but it was delayed no less than four times. Fortunately, the Finnish developer has finally pulled it off.

“We are incredibly excited to launch Starbase in early access after more than a year in closed alpha,” the team says. “The game is still in an alpha stage as we are missing features and gameplay loops, but our vision is starting to come together and it’s time to open up the game to the whole community! […] The early access version of Starbase allows players to design, build & modify spaceships, explore the universe, form social connections, and earn money by mining, gathering, crafting and selling resources. The players can start building their home stations and begin the expansion of the Starbase universe.”

Frozenbyte says it aims to have two or three updates every month, which is roughly what it was already doing, and it’s already posted a massive roadmap for players that runs through the end of the year; apparently, we can expect capital ships and station siege mechanics this fall.

Source: Steam. Cheers, Eggbert!
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