Guild Wars 2’s Flashpoint is free as players welcome WoW refugees and debate End of Dragons


If you need a lil break from the latest Blizzard fiasco, Guild Wars 2 is one of the MMOs that stands ready to welcome you in with open arms. Throughout the spring and summer, it’s been unlocking past living story episodes for free so players who missed out can give them a try and veterans can play them again to score some new achievements and legendary bits. This week’s freebie is season 3 episode 5 Flashpoint, which sends players into the Draconis Mons zone – again one of the more interesting maps the living world has added.

Existing players on Reddit just spent the last couple of days debating the quality of the reveal for End of Dragons. While the initial mood on the sub was fairly negative, there’s now been pushback from players arguing that the EOD was bolder than reveals for past expansions and demonstrating faith that ArenaNet is capable of taking something fairly mundane in MMOs and making it way better. “The reason gliding/mounts are so beloved now is because Anet took a boring feature from other MMOs and made it fucking phenomenal,” one heavily upvoted thread declares.

Either way, it’s a pretty interesting time to be a WoW refugee in Guild Wars 2, and those refugees aren’t hesitating to say so. “If only I’d invested the last 10 years here, instead of in [World of Warcraft],” one newbie posted this morning. “From the outside looking in, it even feels like [ArenaNet] doesn’t appreciate what they have.” Damn.

Finally, a quick PSA: GW2 dataminer @that_shaman reminded us that the 32bit version of the game is slated for removal at the end of August.


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Dug From The Earth

I installed the game after about 2.5 years of not playing.

Got a bunch of birthday gifts on all my characters.

Then quickly realized why I quit. Loot is so very dull in this game. You farm just to break down items for materials, materials you dont need unless you havent gotten your legendary items yet.

So ultimately its farm for items to break down into materials, sell materials for gold on the Market, use gold to convert to gems, spend gems on cosmetics on the gemstore. The “Fill bag… empty bag” routine in this game is maddening.

Id rather play a game where I can just farm for items that I want that actually either look cool, or upgrade my character. GW2 is not that game.

(also, most end game content is just “dodge out of the way of all the bad circle markers on the ground”. )

Bruno Brito

I do agree that GW2’s core gameplay loop feels really dull. Not just loot, what you DO for loot and WITH the loot is pretty boring.

I was playing Albion today and honestly it was a pretty enjoyable experience. More games should be like that, letting you take time and do things paced. And while the loop was pretty grindy, it was enjoyable. GW2 gives you too much crap, and the sense that you never belong to the world is always there.

I always felt the game should go more sandboxy as time went on, but eh, i guess i’m asking too much of them nowadays.


Reddit is a human cesspool…but Anet basically has treated it as an official channel.

Since the very launch of GW2, Anet has been – in my view, a little excessively – focused on communicating in Social Media (FB, twitter, Reddit), to the point that in some cycles it feels like they ignore their own forums in favor of trendier venues.

That said, I watched the EOD teaser vid and here are my observations in no order:
– considering that we’re 7months out from launch now, they HAVE to pace themselves. GW2’s original launch was IMO way overhyped, making the launch actually a little meh on the big day.
– nevertheless, the overcaffeinated redditors expecting the Second Coming of Christ(tm) were (surprise!) disappointed, so were all typically-reddit like “This is as bad as the HOLOCAUST”
– the presentation itself was very meh in format. IMO they overpracticed to the point it felt a little rote. Frankly the pregame by snowbird or whoever the hell she was had far more energy and excitement and overall a better tone.
– as far as the MEAT of what they were presenting…again, meh. One new elite spec (it kind of makes no sense; titled ‘Virtuoso’ but it’s launching magical daggers? Thematic what?), some very typical ‘new zone pics’; fishing (some like it, some hate it; to me, it depends on the utility. If it really adds some stuff to the game? Great. If it’s crafting more crap nobody needs (ahem, jewlecrafting) then it’s a complete waste. Boats…ok, interesting. More useful would have been if they explain why we need them (other than fishing), given everyone mostly has a skimmer already.

There are TONS of open questions…but there’s also SEVEN MONTHS to hear answers.
There are 8 more elite specs.
I’m interested in what they’re going to do for all the OTHER craftings in the expansion to keep them meaningful.
I’m interested in how many HP’s the new specs will be, as lots of people already have HUNDREDS of hp saved up to bling get the new elites instantly…i can’t imagine this is what they want as gameplay, that people don’t ‘need’ the HP in Cantha?

I’m excited about EoD just for more stuff to explore. I’m looking forward to new specs. But I’m also patient.


This honestly looks like Season 5 worth of content but packaged up with a box price. I dont see it providing that much more. However they do deserve to get paid. ESO charges for every little DLC side story. You dont get years of free patches unless we are talking sub games so I dont blame them. I just was expecting more than this considering Cantha has a special place in my heart from my high school days. I was hoping for more sand park like reasons to be in the world rather than just collecting things and beating on hp sponge bosses. boats and fishing are good for me I also want trade routes and pirating and being able to build things, taxation systems, etc . Its an open world centric game that only allows you to do basic things in the world. Ill play it either way and be happy but it just feels like wasted potential since it has one of the most beautiful worlds in my opinion.


I don’t disagree with you – but I guess I’m willing to give them (for now) the benefit of the doubt that we have SEVEN MORE MONTHS of reveals. I don’t think that was meant to be comprehensive, it was meant to tease.

And if that was their intent, I genuinely don’t know: do you lead with the super splashy big news FIRST (and allow it to cool in peoples minds for the next 30 weeks?) or do you lead with more baseline stuff, and save the fireworks for later (risking that without the big splash you’ll lose some people’s attention)?


Good question. Too much hype can explode in your face like it did with Warhammer Online and not enough and its dead on arrival like Crow Fall (okay maybe too soon to call this one lol).

Reginald Atkins

gee a negative opinion on reddit… who’d a thunk. LOL I avoid that site like the plague. Anywho seriously looking forward to EoD