Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Jedi Sentinel is the next class getting a combat style testing on PTS


As we’ve reported on before, the Legacy of the Sith update coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic is slowly going through the testing motions, with particular focus on the combat styles feature coming in the expansion. Earlier this month, the Jedi Guardian was put through its testing paces, and now it’s time for the Jedi Sentinel’s turn.

The testing goals for the Sentinel will follow a similar objective as ones for the Guardian: make the class’ abilities easier to understand so the choice of ability upgrades and customizations is more impactful. This is being done by reducing the quantity of abilities the Sentinel will have access to while still hoping to maintain the class’ identity.

“The main question we want players to focus on is ‘does this feel like a Jedi Sentinel?’ We want to make sure that the foundation is strong and everything we build on top of that is in line with our goals for Combat Styles and giving players a sense of new but familiar,” reads the post.

As before, those who want to kick the new Sentinel’s tires will want to follow these PTS sub-forum instructions on how to join in, while additional advanced classes will be coming to PTS in the following months.


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Sarah Cushaway

I -kinda- want to go back to SWTOR to check this next expac out because I was attached to my IA , but I’m going to see how this whole class ability swap thing goes. So far, a lot of folks on the PTR do not like the ability pruning, so I’m leery on that. I will say there -was- some bloat, but I don’t want SWTOR dumbed down to WoW levels where it feels like the soul was ripped out of every class set.

We’ll see.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Really love the idea of getting rid of the skill bloat. I only ever use 6 or 7 skills anyway. Interested to play SWTOR again when these skill changes hit live.

Now, if we can just talk about crafting and gearing . . . .


Really super excited for this feature. Currently playing a Jedi Sage and I really can’t wait to have her switch to a Guardian.