Competitive MMO Lands of Kehliel posts slow but sure progress on its first match


Do you remember Lands of Kehliel? It first crossed our desk in November of last year, promising a competition-focused open world MMORPG experience where four teams of four players can fight monsters and one another, use soul shards from slain players in crafting, and race to complete quests that can only be snapped up by one player at a time in limited-time “journeys.” At the time of initial reporting, the devs at Hitwave Studios planned on entering Kickstarter soon, but as of a blog post from this past May, the devs appear to be having trouble finding investment for the title and a Kickstarter has yet to surface.

This leads us to the game’s most recent dev blog, which is assuring followers of the game that development is indeed progressing on, “advancing slowly (but surely) due to a lack of fundings.” At this moment, the devs are working on different aspects of the MMO’s combat system as well as putting together the first journey known as the Tale of the Golden Apple of Wisdom, where players will be tasked with recovering the titular item from the hands of “The Evil One.” There’s even a preview Inkarnate map that showcases where this particular journey will take place.

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