Mortal Online 2 revamps pet XP, adjusts clade gifts, and adds new monsters in latest update


Mortal Online 2’s newest content patch is yet another little cornucopia of different things, whether it’s fixes for bugs, adjustments to abilities or pet behaviors, or improvements to UI. There are a couple of highlights in this patch we’d like to call attention to, particularly those who bring pets along into battle.

The pet experience system has seen a full rework, with pets now earning experience points passively on every tenth second while tamed, which is based on the amount of pet loyalty. Additionally, pets that gain enough experience to level will now keep their experience and level up once the owner has enough pet points. The amount of experience a pet has can be found in the pet window.

The patch has also introduced some new enemies like Taur Dogs, Sators with spears, and the Clothos Flinger spider; added the Artisan clade gift for humans, which now adds 50 skill points to the professions tree; and made a number of adjustments to existing clade gifts for Alvarin, Thursar, and human characters. These are just a few of the highlights, so players will want to dig into the full meal for more.

source: Steam
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