Star Sonata 2 adjusts support classes, adds a new zone, and introduces base upgrading features


Let’s check in on Star Sonata 2, shall we? After all, the last time we had a peek in on this one it had made its free-to-play debut on Steam in June 2020. So what’s been going on since then? Quite a lot, actually, if you flip through the game’s dev blog.

One topic of repeated conversation is a revamping of the Shield Monkey and Engineer support classes, which underwent a testing in August 2020, followed by a discussion on feedback and planned tweaks, a planned November 2020 release, and a tweaking to the Shield Monkey in June 2021.

On top of that, there’s been a new zone added; a rework of the Kalthi Depths region; adjustments to the DG Drop system for DG bosses; and more recently, the ability for players to upgrade bases and use bot commands.

source: official blog. Cheers, Panagiotis!

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