Star Wars: The Old Republic offers lore-filled look at Legacy of the Sith’s new planet Manaan


Fans of KOTOR are already very familiar with the planet Manaan, which is coming in the Legacy of the Sith expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. That said, this is still a new version of the old favorite, and there are — conceivably at least — new players who have never even heard of Manaan. Whichever column you fall into, it may be worth a read through of the lore-loaded look at the location.

While the post is effectively done in-character, presented as an Imperial military-style briefing of Manaan, it is full of informational tidbits that fans will still want to nibble on. The post outlines a brief history of the planet and the Selkath people who live there, including their isolationist stance and attempts at neutrality within the greater galactic community. It also offers small rundowns of several locations on the planet including Ahto City, the Mercantile Plaza, the Hrakert Rift area, and places where hidden resources can be found such as a ruined facility on Manaan’s ocean floor that houses data on a super soldier project and various mysterious underwater devices.

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