TERA PC adds new dungeon content, new gear, and a new armor boon system in Build 108


PC players of TERA have a few new dungeon things to do with the launch of Build 108, particularly since there are two new five-player dungeons in the form of the Cursed Fusion Laboratory (in normal and cursed versions) and the Stormed Citadel, along with new Mahtnan gear found in Ace Dungeons and Echoes of Aranea, some adjustments to item level and Adventure Coin costs of certain dungeons, and a full removal of certain dungeons from the game entirely.

On the subject of gear, rare, legendary, and mythical gear will now have an “additional option” feature that has one special boost and two random boosts. The special boost in question can be anywhere between level one to level five depending on the quality of the armor, and is completely separate from the ranks of any random boosts. It reads like a bit of a weird system, so players are likely going to want to look through the patch notes for more, along with other adjustments and updates.

source: official site. This post was edited after publication to clarify that Gameforge does not just cover the EU zone anymore; readers will recall it now governs TERA in North America, EU, SEA, Russia, and the rest of the CIS states.
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