Wolcen Lords of Mayhem details plans for summons and endgame activities


With the Arise update of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem already in players’ hands, there’s perhaps some question on what the multiplayer ARPG has next up its sleeve. In their July 2021 monthly update, the devs of Wolcen Studio offer some word on what’s in the works for the near future.

Further scaling improvements to summons are in the works, with the promise of better scaling per level, summons scaling with character attributes, and summons being affected positively by things like spellcast speed, crit chance, and health percentage.

The post also outlines some new endgame activities and rewards in development, each designed with various difficulty levels that will affect the number of enemies, the timer to complete an activity, and the HP of enemies among other things. These endgame activities include a trip to key locations that can be captured by killing enemies, an entity that triggers a boss fight, a point defense mode where players have to defend civilians and kill enemy waves, and a timed mode where players have to kill a target quickly and can take on secondary objectives.

Timing for these releases isn’t detailed, but players should expect that these features may not arrive with the game’s next content patch. That all said, perhaps it’s enough knowing what’s on the horizon – especially given our own Not So Massively columnist’s concerns over the thin roadmap.

source: Steam

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What frustrates me with Wolcen devs is that they are pissing on “legacy” players. Not releasing any content for them, and those are the early backers and players of the game. The reason is that someone cheated, fucked up the economy, and everyone gets punished. I’m not gonna start new characters to gain access to the new content.. I expect them to give us content soon.


Better than how Perfect World handled Magic: Legends at least

Dug From The Earth

Now if Last Epoch could just add multiplayer

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Eyyyyyy, I’ve just been getting back into it now that I’m done with PoE! I’m quite enjoying it again, lots of small changes seem to have made the game better even if I can’t point them all out. Passive tree generally seems more…clear I guess? I dunno, I remember looking at it slack jawed and eyes glazed over when it launched, but it didn’t take me too long to start working towards a 1h/shield build that does reflective bleed damage and converts a fair amount of normal damage to fire for bonus ailment damage. No clue if it’s any good since guides/build resources are minimal, but it’s working well (stupid tanky, lowish but plenty fine damage) as I start endgame.

More endgame activities, especially if they’ve got a variety in terms of how long they take, sound great though. While I do enjoy the endgame setup they have now, I feel like it would definitely benefit from more “short-session” style options. Which is sounds like will be coming with the next update.

I just wish the playerbase didn’t fall off so hard after the rough launch, the lack of community resources is kinda brutal for a baddie like me that usually relies a bit more on premade builds that I end up tweaking.

Vanquesse V

The patch last week did a big overhaul to how summons function: they now auto-summon up to the max amount after a 2 or 5 sec delay when they die, hitting the button for a summon will have them teleport and do an attack on the cursor location and basic scaling with player stats was added, but only damage and projectile count is affected right now, also the scaling might not be ideal. But you can see damage tooltips on the summons which should help a bit.
I still don’t think there’s any reason to play Wolcen unless you want a break from poe, martyr, grim dawn and last epoch. At least they’re slowly fixing the flaws in their game which is more than can be said of Chaosbane.

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also the scaling might not be ideal

I would like to think it’s in a nice place right now. On my reroll, I found the unique helm that allows you to use poison skills. So I can now dual wield axes/swords/dagger/pistols and still use six summon skills. The dual wielding really boost the damage of the summons.
And 3x Hunting Swarm with the node that gives +1 projectiles is just freaking hilarious.

Vanquesse V

I couldn’t figure out if summons get your crit and speed stats from base attributes, but mostly I stopped because “adventure mode” is awful for starting new characters and I hate the story with a passion.
I will definitely try out a pure summoner whenever the next chronicle launches though.