Bless Unleashed dev discusses PC version’s release, post-launch content, and cash shop promises in video

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With only a few days left before Bless Unleashed makes its PC debut, Round 8 Studio’s head of development Koven Park decided to take a few moments and answer some questions about the MMORPG’s launch in a video, where he talked about the game’s final test, content for the MMO after launch, and it’s monetization.

In the video, Park touted approximately 400K users arriving for the game’s final beta test, which brought to light some stability matters that the devs are working to address. Additional feedback being iterated upon include an improved UI built for PC players, some noted tuning down of dungeon encounters, and improving combat skills and the Blessings system, which readers will recall were some of the things that ultimately led to the game’s delay.

As for Bless Unleashed’s future, Park notes in the video that the devs have about a year’s worth of content planned. Details and release timing was obviously not shared, but Park notes the upcoming addition of GvG content, new characters, and 10-person raids.

Finally, Park talks about the game’s cash shop, which he assures will not be “excessive,” meaning players will be able to fully enjoy all of the content in the game without having to spend money. As for what the cash shop will hold, Park hints at “new experiences and contents that can be purchased” and “more diverse products” for players to purchase, neither of which was elaborated upon further. The full Q&A is available below.

source: YouTube
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