EVE Online’s record-breaking World War Bee 2 has seemingly come to an end


In an unexpected twist, one of the largest and longest-running wars in EVE Online came to a close with a fizzle instead of a bang last night. World War Bee 2 (WWB2) ended with The Imperium (aka Goonswarm Federation) declaring victory after all members of the PAPI (PandaFam Alliance Please Ignore) coalition ordered forces to withdraw from the Goonswarm home system, Delve.

The propaganda is still flying across Reddit, but it looks as if despite being attacked by PAPI on multiple fronts and being forced to hole up in a tiny handful of systems, Goonswarm stood its ground and eventually forced the retreat. The consensus appears to be that recent changes in the taxation rules within the game economy made it unfeasible for PAPI to continue funding the war. After weeks of buildup for a “final push,” PAPI forces instead decided to institute evacuation orders, a logistical challenge that is easier said than done when retreat is hampered by a rejuvenated Imperium fleet.

The war Ended w/ a Bang, but sounded more than a Wimper in comparison to what happend earlyer from Eve

What becomes of the PAPI coalition and whether the Imperium will be able to fill the power vacuum are open questions, though apparently Imperium has already promised to bring the war to TEST alliance, one of the driving forces behind PAPI. In New Eden, war never ends; it merely changes factions.

WWB2 is notable in that it included a battle which holds the Guinness world record as the most costly video game battle to date.

Source: Reddit
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