Crowfall plans scoring and reward changes for Conquest campaigns


Earlier this week, ArtCraft elevated Crowfall’s first big patch since launch to the live servers, bringing the 3v3 faction PvP fully online and opening the larger Dregs campaigns as the original campaigns wound down. But the rollout hasn’t been without challenges.

“Players identified an issue in the Conquest scoring system late in the campaign and as a result, we chose to delay delivery of the Conquest segment of rewards to allow our team time to review the data,” the studio explains.

“After an initial review, we announced a change to the scoring system to curtail further abuse as the campaign was ending. After further review of the data and related player feedback, we have decided to move forward and grant all the Conquest rewards as originally offered in the campaign, to all the winning guild leaders – to ensure no player guilds were denied rewards they earned during the campaign. The rewards will be distributed this week. As a rule, we prefer not to interrupt current campaigns in progress and to let the campaign play out, then focus on making rule or reward changes post campaign. However, if we feel there is something significantly negative impacting our players or threatening the security of the game or the game economy, our team will step in. This was one of those cases.”

ArtCraft says it’s now requiring 100 conquest points for qualifying for conquest rewards and nerfing Shadow campaign rewards to “about half the current level live.” The studio also notes that it’s continuing to amp up its marketing with ads and Twitch streaming, and of course it launched a recruiting campaign earlier this week.


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These guys are woefully unprepared for the ingenuity of their audience.

Competitive focused players will take advantage of every system they can in order to win. Of course they were going to take advantage of a 10 day free trial to create sub guilds for rewards on other servers. They’re taking advantage of that system again by creating free accounts and leveling to 30 to get an additional 30 free import slots to bring gear in for their main characters as well. They’re using those free accounts to park alts at gates to use as scouts as well. They’re already on the Shadows campaigns to rack up multiple rewards from multiple servers.

This is why I chuckle anytime someone implies it’s easier to design for a PvP game because they clearly don’t understand the player base. It’s a constant game of cat and mouse and when you logically think through some of these problems there are no good solutions.

Also ArtCraft so far seems like complete pushovers as a dev team. First they gave in to the Aussie bitching for a Dregs server which literally everyone told them people were just going to farm for these multiple rewards and they rolled over and did it anyways. Now people again point out that everyone did what we said they would and exploit out rewards and they immediately roll over again and give them out anyways. Developer’s who can’t stand up to their player base are going to end up destroying the health of their game because again players just want to win and will always complain to make it easier to reach said win condition.

Chris Walker

Considering this was the first Dregs campaign for the official launch, I’m fine with their decisions. Learning from their mistakes now and adjusting for future campaigns will make the game better in the long run. I’m truly having a blast with this game!


This was a lose/lose for them. They should have made these changes after the first run and not snatch rewards from people who only played by the rules.