Elder Scrolls Online shores up its Waking Flame dungeons


As Elder Scrolls Online focuses on its Waking Flame DLC this month, ZeniMax is working to make sure that the associated dungeons aren’t falling down around players’ ears as they explore them.

As such, Patch 7.1.3 is going through its paces on the test server. This patch “includes several more fixes for the Waking Flame dungeons, some additional bug fixes and adjustments for some item sets, and more.”

Other small adjustments coming with 7.1.3 include companion fixes and a change to the Diamond’s Victory, taking its special ability from a proc to an ability cast. ZeniMax explains, “This change was done to fix multiple workarounds where you could get stacks of this set’s bonuses without incurring a cost or gameplay pattern change when its power is built around such.”


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