Lineage II’s casual friendly version includes an action-packed solo dungeon


Hopefully you didn’t miss the word that Lineage II is about to launch a brand-new version of the game that’s far more casual-friendly than anything the MMO has had in the past. And it’s not just a decrease in difficulty that’s happening with Lineage II Aden; this version includes two more classes, a new pet system, and a special solo instance called the Transcendent Dungeon.

In fact, it’s this dungeon that’s being highlighted in a recent dev blog: “The Transcendent Dungeon is explicitly designed for solo play and delivers action-packed, horde-style hunting in six unique zones for any soul brave enough for the challenge. It’s an ideal opportunity to gain a high amount of XP in a short amount of time, with plenty of rewards to earn.”

Players are limited to running this dungeon once a day, although you can pay for a pass to get a second run if you so desire. Inside the instance, characters will get a special AOE skill to help with fights. Go nuts, too, because there’s no death penalty that applies in this realm!

Source: Lineage II
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