PlanetSide 2 brings back its summer weapons, introduces new vehicle engine cosmetics


It’s time once again for players of PlanetSide 2 to trade in their lethal firearms for some squirt guns as the shooter’s summertime even is back once again. From now until August 25th, players will have access to a squirt gun sidearm, faction-specific water balloons, and a variety of summer-themed directives to fulfill for cosmetics like a new banner and a title.

Speaking of cosmetics, the game’s Depot is introducing a series of water balloon launchers in a variety of playful colors, as well as engine propulsion and colored contrails for select vehicles. The water balloon launchers will only be available until the summer event wraps up, but the vehicle engine cosmetics will stay in the Depot after the event ends.

On the more gameplay side of things, PC players got a hotfix yesterday that introduced a new TeamID feature for the game’s Census API, made a few more tweaks to NSO characters, and toned down the particle FX on the medic’s healing grenade and nano-regen ability among other miscellaneous fixes.


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