Black Desert tweaks stance animations, weekly quest resets, and conquest wars on PC


Black Desert’s PC patch this week is a bit of a hodge-podge, but it’s still gonna make you download a whole gig of content. So what the heck is in there? Well, one of the big changes is in animations, as Pearl Abyss says it’s “simplified the basic movements” of Archers, Guardians, Hashashins, Novas, Sages, and Corsairs while they’re in a combat stance. Apparently, non-combat stances are also getting a switcharoo in the future.

PA also says it’s allowing black stone conversion into stacks in the enhancement UI, launched the adventurers board in-game, added new music and instrumentation for desert regions, fixed an irritating issue with music composition, and tinkered with weekly quest resets.

“We’ve changed weekly quests to no longer reset one week after the date of completion, but on a specific day. Now you’ll be able to accept weekly quests after they reset every Thursday at midnight. This new reset rule will now apply to all weekly quests that were accepted and/or completed but weren’t handed in prior to the maintenance. However, weekly quests that were completed before maintenance will adhere to the previous rule (reset in one week after completion). Holders of those quests will see the new reset rule effect once the weekly quest can be re-accepted. We hope this change helps address the previous inconveniences caused if you forgot exactly when you completed a weekly quest, and/or how proceeding with weekly quests at a later date would continue to delay when you could accept the quest the following week.”

Finally, PC players should take a peek at the lengthy notes on conquest wars, as the studio has kicked off a pre-season for the mode as of yesterday and revamped the rules and rewards to entice players in. “In addition, we are planning to release the Territorial Decree system, where guilds who have won a Conquest War could enact policies over an occupied territory, which has been tested on the Black Desert Global Labs since this past April.”

Meanwhile, over in the mobile version of the game, preparations are underway for the second season of the 2021 Black Desert Mobile Ramoness Championship. Hopeful tourney players should know that the registration deadline is coming up on August 11th!


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Logan Kellum

Is it too late in the game to try to get into Black Desert?

Vanquesse V

It kinda depends on your mental attitude: If you dislike when other people have a head-start compared to you, then you should *at least* wait for the next season to start, and even then that’s not a fully equal playing field so if you feel strongly about that it’s probably too late.
The other is if you want to engage a lot with pvp. In that case you would need to spend either a lot of money, or an ungodly amount of time to really catch up.
If not, I bet you’ll have a good time. Most of the QoL you need to play the game you can earn now (but not all!) and while you can put in one reservation for cash shop items to buy with ingame currency from other players just beware that it took me a year and a half to buy a single month of sub time that way.
It also seems like the devs are worried about new mmos showing up now, and just announced that they’ve delayed new content in favor of fixing longstanding frustrations the community has.

Hikari Kenzaki

Like Vanquesse said, it really depends on what you want to get out of it.
If you want to be the best of the best in PvP, yes. Yes it is.

Otherwise, it’s a great time to start.
The gameplay is in one of the best states it’s ever been. It’s a lot more convenient to play now than it was 4 years ago.
There are a ton of classes to choose from and fit a ton of different playstyles. If you don’t like how your first character plays, try another one. You won’t always find the class that fits you, but you will find one.
PC/Console often goes on sale (and it’s less than $10 when it’s not on sale) and BDMobile is free to play.
There are Season and Newbie servers that are boosted and help you get through the experience of learning the game (and you can freely move between servers/channels).
The story actually makes sense. It didn’t at launch or the three times previously they tried to revise it…

Vanquesse V

Good point I forgot to make: A lot of the early classes are pretty similar in how they play, but as the game has evolved they have gotten pretty good at designing classes that play vastly different from anything else.
A good example of this is Guardian. BDO is a game all about speed. Guardian is the opposite, but still manages to feel powerful.

mars omg

how about adjusting farms so they don’t disappear when someone doesn’t log in for a few days.