Old School RuneScape’s new round of client feature updates improve the minimap, draw distance, and more


This past June saw Old School RuneScape begin the work of applying Steam client updates to make life in Gielinor a little better. As of yesterday, more of these types of improvements were added, improving the game’s performance and quality-of-life in a couple of notable ways.

Among these new updates is a reorganization of the settings menu with three new categories for Activities, Interfaces, and Warnings; new visual indicators for the Agility skill line to highlight shortcuts and obstacle courses; a longer draw distance to reveal more of the map than ever before; and some minimap improvements that allow it to be zoomed in and out or turned off entirely. There are a few other changes in the update as well, so be sure to look through the latest notes for more, or just fire up the Steam version of the game and explore a wonderland of UI tweaks.


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