ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained tout an August full of events and a list of returning ArchePasses

All with the feint whiff of maintenance mode

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Are you eager for some new content in ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained? Too bad, it’s leftovers month as this August is mostly about returning events and promotions. That might be unfortunate news for players looking for something new, but it also might be welcome news for those who missed out on certain things.

Headlining the month’s events is the return of the Rum Runner’s Rapids event to both games, where players race down a waterfall in barrels and earn Summer Festival Coins for a variety of goodies. This event will run between now and Thursday, August 26th. As for other events this month, the devs are hinting at opportunities to “grab your favorite tomes, take advantage of buffs for double the fun, and make more out of your life’s work with a special discount.”

On the ArchePass side of things for AA Unchained, players will be seeing a whole slew of previous ArchePasses making a comeback. Between this month and October, players who missed out on passes like the Pumpkin Pass, the Winter Maiden Pass, and the Billy Pass will be getting second chances at their desired goodies. In addition, the Christmas Advanced Pass, Darugon Pass, and Meatball Pass will return indefinitely.

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