Bless Unleashed formally launches on PC today, counting 40K players in final test

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It’s launch day for Bless Unleashed – the PC version, that is – and it’s been a long, long time coming. Readers will recall that Bless Online originally launched in the west on PC back in 2018. It didn’t go well, and after several server closures and a corporate merge, Bless Online itself was sunsetted in 2019. But just a few months after Bless Online launched, Neowiz and Round8Studio announced a console version of the game that shared the IP but little else. That version of the game launched in early 2020, and then the company spent the better part of that year and this one testing and retesting a PC version of the console one that was spun off from the closed PC MMO. It’s been a ride.

Round8 told players on Steam today that it’s “preparing various updates in the future to keep up the expectations of [its] users,” such as “new characters, dungeons, regions, and contents such as Guild Vs. Guild.” The studio also maintains that “over 40,000 global users” joined in on the game’s final test, and that includes us. MOP’s own Chris found the game to be surprisingly decent and an improvement over the original game, although he also didn’t find much to recommend it over other titles. “It’s a decent and routine little themepark MMO that doesn’t really buck a lot of trends, and on PC it looks great while feeling a tiny bit weird in some places in terms of controls,” he opined.

We’ll be streaming the game this weekend, so stay tuned to OPTV for that. In the meantime, preloading began last night; servers are expected to go live at noon EDT.

Source: Steam, twitter
And it’s up!


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And already mostly negative on Steam.

What is this? The 5th or 6th release of the game?

I give it 6 months. If that long.

The fact that people are still willing to give these scammers money, even after they’ve cashed in and run, then re-released the game so many times, boggles the mind.


It’s pretty and has a nice score, the combat so far isn’t as fluid as BDO or something but it’s still much nicer to play with controller than a lot of games out there. We’ll see, had fun today and that’s enough for now


Not out in Belgium and The Netherlands, probably due to the lootbox bans.



That’s like 60 year old me if I can’t get enough pocket change for a Viagra.

Toy Clown

The game is visually appealing, more so than the predecessor. I guess I’ll have to do a little research to see if it’s still cash shop heavy and PvP-focused.

Edit: Scratch that, open-world PvP isn’t my bag.

Anthony Clark

open-world PvP is always an auto no for me.


If the word “meh” was made into an MMO, it would be Bless Unleashed, it’s almost…aggressively mediocre.


I played Bless, and I liked the game and decided to buy the upgrade to get the additional collectible items. It wasn’t much, like $50 extra or something. I was ok with spending the money, but when they announced after only a couple of months of launching (and a week or so after I made my purchase) that the game was a bust and the servers where shutting down, I decided to stay away from any additional Bless titles. I wish them success but I will not play this or any other future Bless games.